Signature Star with Gemstone Drop

Signature Star with Gemstone Drop


Almost every element on Earth was formed at the heart of a Star. This signature necklace was created to remind you that you are stardust. Our creation of the “imperfectly” perfect star. You are star in this world! Shine bright —it’s your birth right!

Adorned with your favorite gemstone. Chose from the drop down menu. Want to feel more connected to your cosmos? Fill out the birth information form + I’ll get back to you with your recommended gemstone!

  • 31.5in.

  • Only available in Sterling Silver or Rose Gold

  • Satellite Moon Cut Chain

  • Raw Gemstones are each 18K Gold Electroplated + are different sizes and beauty in their natural state

  • Handcrafted + this jewelry creation was born in Charleston, SC in 2018

  • Please note that the Rose Quartz drop is not electroplated like the other options available.

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