Rudraksha Signature Lariat Mala

Rudraksha Signature Lariat Mala


We went ahead + reinvented the traditional mala as a lariat necklace! Don’t worry, its primary use is still meant to be used for Japa meditation. Here’s what we did:

  • 54 Rudrakshas beads (half of 108) / Rudraksha seeds or “Tears of Shiva” have been used by Saints + Sages from the beginning of time. Rudraksha seeds are a blessing to wear because they hold a powerful vibration which protects against all kinds of negative influences and energies. They also protect against EMF (electromotive forces).

  • The Guru bead is the star {that’s you}

  • The symbol of the empty circle represents the void of space, what is behind the veil ~timelessness + eternity.

  • Tassel ~ the root of the Lotus “no mud, no lotus” ~depending on their color activate different planets or chakras —red is Mars, tantric, Muladhara {root}; white is Moon (Mind), purity, Sahasrara {crown chakra).

Gold measures 24.5in in length with 6mm Rudraksha seeds

Silver measures 26.5in in lenght with 5mm Rudraksha seeds

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