9 Planet Gems + Personalized Raw Gemstone

9 Planet Gems + Personalized Raw Gemstone


Did you know that Navaratna, a Sanskrit word meaning "nine gems” was worn in ancient times by Kings + Emperors? Since the nine gems relate to the celestial deities, they were believed to invoke the cosmic powers of heavenly bodies in totality. The combination of these beautiful gemstones balance our emotions + mentality while the planets bless us + free us from negative karma.

The nine gems of the nine planets are Garnet for the Sun (soul) + Moonstone for the Moon (mind) + Carnelian for Mars (action) + Peridot for Mercury (communictation) + Citrine for Jupiter (wisdom) Quartz Crystal for Venus (love) + Amethyst for Saturn (devotion) + Hessonite Garnet for Rahu (revolutionary) Tiger’s eye for Ketu (intuition).

  • Super light weight and can be worn with absolutely anything!

  • Necklace length range from 16-18in. in 14K gold-filled or sterling silver (kindly message me if you need it in a shorter or longer length).

  • Raw gemstones are naturally unique + beautiful. Therefore, some of them measure between .50-1mm and are topped with 18K gold-plating

  • Personalized to your birth chart or pick your favorite gemstone!

  • Blessed + offered in ceremony <3

  • Shipped ready to give as a gift

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