Lemon Quartz Two-in-One Pendulum

Lemon Quartz Two-in-One Pendulum


Lemon Quartz is a bright, uplifting energy packed crystal. One of abundance, clarity + mental strength. Lemon Quartz improves our confidence and brings more joy into our life. A high-vibration crystal, this pretty little gem needs no cleansing as it is self-cleansing. Add this to your Spiritual toolbox so you can rock your pendulum at all times and use Divinity to guide you on-the-spot!

  • the 9 Planet Gems create a powerful vibration from the Lemon Quartz to Sarvani Signature Star

  • 20in, Sterling Silver Chain + .5in Star + 6.8in from clasp of 9 gems to bottom of Lemon Quartz; also available in 14K gold-filled

  • Ready to receive or give as a gift

  • Blessed in Ceremony

  • Handmade in San Diego, CA

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