Custom Moon Phase + Moon Gems + 9 Planets Down the Back

Custom Moon Phase + Moon Gems + 9 Planets Down the Back

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This beauty will connect you to your birth moon phase + the best gemstone recommendation for you based on your birthday, time + place or maybe you have your own connection to a certain stone and would like to incorporate that into your design! Please message me either way —with your birth information or with whatever gemstone you would like! The nine planet gems are there dancing down your back, just like they are not seen in the sky —as a reminder that these planetary energies are without + within. By wearing them, they in turn bless you with protection, prosperity + positivity.

  • Available in 14-18in

  • 14K Gold or Sterling Silver

  • Necklace will come with a handwritten explanation about your moon sign + gems and the healing qualities associated with them.

  • Blessed in ceremony to assist you on your Divine Path

  • Packaged ready to receive or give as a gift

  • Handmade in San Diego, CA

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