Astrid Aurora ~ Raw Opal

Astrid Aurora ~ Raw Opal


Astrid means Gorgeous Goddess which is exactly how you will feel with this beauty around your neck. Forewarning: prepare for all the compliments. Venus’ power is shining through this majestic Opal gem. Hard to capture her essence with a camera, she flashes at the top and becomes a little cloudy on the bottom, think lotus blooming in her muddy waters. The union of raw + flowing natural is what is so beautiful, for humans + jewelry alike.

Opal is a stone for Venus and increases the energy of Love. Its dancing auroras help to keep our passions and dreams burning. These sweet flashes of light are experiences to worlds beyond. Adorned with three Ethiopian Opal beads and two near the clasp (one on each side).

  • Handpicked + 18K Gold Electroplated Raw Ethiopian Opal

  • On a 17in. 14K Gold-Filled Satellite Chain

  • Raw Opal measuring almost an inch

  • Spring Clasp Closure

  • One of a Kind, handcrafted in San Diego, CA

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