9 Gems + 9 Planets + Raw Blue Kyanite

9 Gems + 9 Planets + Raw Blue Kyanite


9 Gems of the 9 Planets  dance down the chest for your overall well-being: Protection + Positivity + Prosperity with an add raw blue Kyanite crystal near the throat chakra for communication + power + enhancing dreams. Kyanite absorbs no negativity and will never need to be cleansed. It has a strong vibration that restores and balances whilst being an effective energy conduit.

The 9 gems of the 9 planets: Garnet for the Sun, Moonstone for the Moon, Carnelian for Mars, Peridot for Mercury, Citrine for Jupiter, Crystal for Venus, Amethyst for Saturn, Tiger's Eye for Ketu, Hessonite Garnet for Rahu. 

  • Available in 14k Gold-Filled or Sterling Silver

  • 3in length / Kyanite about 2.5in wide (each gem varies)

  • handmade with love + intention in Charleston, SC

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