9 Planet Gems + Personalized Gemstone Drop

9 Planet Gems + Personalized Gemstone Drop

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Your personalized recommended gemstone + the 9 gems of the 9 planets dance down the neck in this sweet + simple design. The 9 gems of the 9 planets for protection + prosperity + positivity, they are: Garnet for the Sun, Moonstone for the Moon, Carnelian for Mars, Peridot for Mercury, Citrine for Jupiter, Crystal for Venus, Amethyst for Saturn, Tiger's Eye for Ketu, Hessonite Garnet for Rahu. 

Dioptase is a stone of Mercury and relates to communication + worldly studies. It governs those ruled by Gemini + Virgo. It’s relates to the heart chakra and helps to open one up to a higher Divinity. It can help ease the sorrows of the heart (deep seated grief, abandonment or betrayal) and therefore helps with forgiveness too.

  • Available in 14K gold-filled or sterling silver

  • 16-20in. chain with a 3in drop

  • Handcrafted + Designed in Charleston, SC

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