Amethyst's name in Greek means "not drunken" + is the mostly highly valued stone of the quartz crystal family.

Amethyst is a subsidiary stone of Saturn and the rules the Nakshatras: Pushya, Anuradha + Uttarabhadra. It is a stone for understanding and providing good judgment. Like Saturn's nature, it helps with detachment from the materialistic world. Amethyst helps with having a solid routine. It is a stone that strengthens mental stability by removing anger. Amethyst's light waves absorb excess heat from the body. It is said to help addicts to become sober, hence the name. 

A stone of Saturn, its gems will protect one on travel + connect you the Divine + Ward off Negative Energies + Reduce Nightmares + Fight Addictions

The Color Therapy of Purple combines the flow of blue + the action of red and is commonly associated with royalty, intuition and faith.

In Ayurveda, Purple is warming to Vata + Kapha, yet increasing to Pitta. Violet is cooling + calming for Pitta + Kapha and increases Vata. Purple is a rajasic color + Violet is a sattvic color.


It’s cooling + soothing…headed to yoga! I’ll be back to finish this beauty of the sea! ;)


Blue Apatite is a Greek word meaning “"delusion” or “deception”. It carries similarities with gems such as Beryl, Topaz + Tourmaline. The use of apatite on the regular will produce a spiritual state of unconditional love. It is known to be helpful in letting go of useless thoughts, people + areas of life that need releasing. Apatite allows you to accept yourself the way you are + to see the truth of who you are so you can change. It gets used to its owner and protects its owner from everyday adversities + hazards and can even warn of impending danger by motioning the skin under the talisman to tingle, redden, or even itch. The gemstone is magical creating calmness and harmony in one’s life.

Blue Apatite invokes the power of Saturn’s solitude with the dedication to one’s spiritual path. It helps invoke a sense of surrender and relieve Saturn’s intense energy. The Venus quality soothes Saturn, bringing grace + devotion + more love.

The Color Therapy of Blue is incredibly soothing, as it slows down our metabolism creating a tranquil effect on our entire system.

In Ayurveda, Blue is made of air + ether and is dry + light. It cools the fiery Pitta + moves the watery Kapha, and is increasing to Vata. Therefore, if you are a hot-tempered individual this gemstone will bring you peace. Blue is sattvic in nature.


Citrine is yellow form of Quartz Crystal and is known for promoting happiness + prosperity. Citrine is a subsidary stone of Jupiter which governs the Nakshatras: Brahani, Punarvasu, PurvaBhadrapada. Invoke the powers of Jupiter + the warmness of citrine to uplift yourSelf + your happiness with the yellow hues of Citrine.

Made up of ether + air + fire + water; it is warming like sunshine. Due to its warming qualities it increases Pitta (fire) + reducing and warming Vata + motivating Kapha. Yellow is rajasic in nature.