Balance the Cosmos - 9 Planet Gems

Balance the Cosmos - 9 Planet Gems


You are absolutely perfect. Limitless. Created of atoms that all working together to make you uniquely you. The planets are also there, existing in the sky subtly affecting us. Their gems are pieces of planetary light that hold and reflect planetary energies. Therefore, by wearing the 9 Gems for the 9 Planets Earrings you are making them smile upon you! With a dash of protection + prosperity + good vibes too! Add your personalized raw gemstone to help calm + cool your mind or choose your favorite gemstone!

The nine gems of the nine planets for protection + prosperity + positivity and so much more! From bottom to top: Garnet for the Sun (soul) + Moonstone for the Moon (mind) + Carnelian for Mars (action) + Peridot for Mercury (communication) + Citrine for Jupiter (wisdom) Quartz Crystal for Venus (love) + Amethyst for Saturn (devotion) + Hessonite Garnet for Rahu (revolutionary) Tiger’s eye for Ketu (intuition).

  • Super light weight and can be worn with any color!

  • Total length from top of lever back 3.75in

  • Raw gemstones are natural have a beautiful uniqueness to each one they are between .50-1mm touched with a 18K gold-plating or sterling silver

  • Personalized to your birth chart or pick your favorite gemstone!

  • Blessed + offered in ceremony <3

  • Shipped ready to receive or give as a gift

  • This design was born in Charleston, SC in 2018, but are now made-to-order in San Diego, CA

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