Varuna's 9 Planet Gems + Aura Quartz Cuff

Varuna's 9 Planet Gems + Aura Quartz Cuff


Inspired by water + the cosmos, Varuna “one who encompasses the whole world” is the Hindu God of Oceans + Rivers. According to the Vedas, Varuna created heavens, the earth and the air. He is responsible for the rains and rivers to flow and winds to blow.

Aqua Aura Quartz symbolizes the water element in this creation and provides a calming component to relax the emotional body and soothe the aura. The various colors raise the vibrations + expand consciousness. There is no specific zodiac connected to this gemstone.

Wrapped in the 9 planet gems are from left to right: Hessonie Garnet for Rahu (revolutionary) + Citrine for Jupiter (wisdom) + Peridot or Mercury (communication) + Moonstone for the Moon (mind) + Garnet for the Sun (soul) + Quartz Crystal for Venus (love) + Carnelian for Mars (action) + Lapis for Saturn (devotion) + Cat’s eye for Ketu (intuition).

  • Adjustable cuff

  • Made-to-Order

  • Rhodium Plated Brass with Sterling Silver Wire

  • Born in San Diego, CA on April 5 at 10:36PM

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