Amethyst: Detachment + Intuition + Spirituality

Amethyst: Detachment + Intuition + Spirituality


Amethyst's name in Greek means "not drunken" and is the mostly highly valued stone of the quartz crystal family.

Amethyst is a subsidiary stone of Saturn and the Nakshatras: Pushya, Anuradha + Uttarabhadra. It is a stone for understanding and providing good judgment. Like Saturn's nature, it helps with detachment from the materialistic world. Amethyst helps with having a solid routine. It is a stone that helps gain mental stability by removing anger. Amethyst's light waves absorb excess heat from the body. It is said to help addicts to become sober, hence the name. 

The Color Therapy of Purple combines the flow of blue + the action of red and is commonly associated with royalty, intuition and faith.

In Ayurveda, Purple is warming to Vata + Kapha, yet increasing to Pitta. Violet is cooling + calming for Pitta + Kapha and increases Vata. Purple is a rajasic color + Violet is a sattvic color.

  • only available in 10mm

  • matte finish

  • available with a gold or silver charm

  • handcrafted + designed in San Diego, CA

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