Saraswati's Signature Sarvani Cuff

Saraswati's Signature Sarvani Cuff


The Goddess of Knowledge, Saraswati is shown wearing a white Sari + sitting on a white lotus. She is known as the goddess of learning, wisdom, aesthetics and music. Her name means “elegant” + “flowing” . In a sense, she is what allows your creative arts to flow through the hands and/or voice. Invoke her mystical nature by wearing this cuff! Adorned with a Sarvani Star to remind you of the Star-Stuff that you are made of.

White Aura Quartz helps to release old wounds + negative energy. It’s calming + relaxing to the energetic field.

  • Adjustable Cuff

  • Sterling Silver Wire + Signature Sarvani Star

  • Rhodium Plated Brass Cuff

  • Made-to-Order in San Diego, CA

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