HERA Sarvani Cuff ~Rose Quartz

HERA Sarvani Cuff ~Rose Quartz


This stunning, statement cuff is named after the Queen of Heavens, Hera. She owned her super strength + resided over marriage and women. She had the ability to give a marriage blessings or curses. She also protected women from death during childbirth. This cuff was born to remind you of your POWER. You are Strong like Hera. Use your powers in the most loving of ways —towards yourSelf first + then outward. Let this cuff shield you from any negativity and trust your Divine powers.

Rose Quartz is a stone of the Sun (soul) + Venus (love) it has a reputation of opening the heart chakra + love, love, love! Self-soul-love that is as the Sun relates to our Soul + Venus to love. The soothing energy of Rose Quartz releases empathy, reconciliation and forgiveness —to ourselves + others. Lowering stress + tension in the heart.

  • 14K gold-filled wire-wrapped + adorned with 16 rose quartz crystals

  • 6.5in X 1.5in

  • Cuff is 20K matte gold-plated brass

  • Born on February 7th in San Diego, CA; the pictured one shown has been sold and is now being made-to-order; therefore it will not be the exact stones or wiring placement but will be made as close to this as possible.

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