Custom 9 Gems + Healing Bracelet

Custom 9 Gems + Healing Bracelet


Custom Gemstone Healing Bracelet based on your Vedic Astrology Chart ~ Made to connect you to the cosmos + have you vibin' high. Also, to remind you of your cosmic creation *star-stuff* and keep the subtle energies of the planets happy. Each bracelet will come with the correlating gemstones to the 9 planets, which are: Grossulated Garnet for Rahu (revolutionary), Garnet for the Sun (soul), Quartz Crystal for Venus (love), Green Aventurine for Mercury (communication), Citrine for Jupituer (wisdom), Lapis Lazuli for Saturn (devotion), Moonstone for the Moon (mind), Carnelian for Mars (action), Tiger’s eye for Ketu (intuition). Plus, the best stone for you-- your moon sign or lucky stone or life stone or a combo of all 3! The bracelet is then adorned with lava rocks for you favorite essential oils + a Sarvani Designs charm. Sarvani is a Sanskrit word meaning "complete, whole" and with this addition may you feel complete. <3

  • Size range is typically 7in for smaller wrists + universal 7.5in, but can made smaller or bigger, please email

  • The bracelet will be packaged + ready to give as a gift.

  • It will include information about the rising sign + moon sign + sun sign, as well as, the metaphysical healing attributes of each gem.

  • Gemstones range in size from 6-10mm, but are typically made with 8mm gems. Gems are natural + unique in their own way and there may be slight variations.

  • Depending on the gemstones the process can take anywhere between 1-2 weeks as we may have to source the correct gem(s) for you.

  • Please note that custom orders are nonrefundable.

  • Each piece is handcrafted in San Diego, CA, blessed in ceremony + offered to help heal you in the most magical of ways. <3

  • Packaged + Ready to Receive or Give as a Gift

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