9 Planet Gems Bracelet + Lava Rocks

9 Planet Gems Bracelet + Lava Rocks


Keep the planets happy + these subtle energies at bay by rocking all the planets on your wrist. Lava Rocks ground you to earth (besides gravity ;)) + infuse your favorite essential oils!

The nine gems of the nine planets for protection + prosperity + positivity and so much more! From left to right: Grossulated Garnet for Rahu (revolutionary), Garnet for the Sun (soul), Quartz Crystal for Venus (love), Green Aventurine for Mercury (communication), Citrine for Jupituer (wisdom), Lapis Lazuli for Saturn (devotion) , Moonstone for the Moon (mind), Carnelian for Mars (action), Tiger’s eye for Ketu (intuition).

Lava Rock is a grounding stone that nourishes one's connection to Mother Earth. It gives us strength + courage, allowing us stability through times of change.

  • 7in (for smaller wrists) to 7 1/2in

  • 8mm beads

  • Handcrafted in San Diego, CA with Love + Intention

  • We offer free restringing after it’s many moons of Love (only pay for shipping) !

Charm Metal:
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