Freedom in a Coin


I recently stumbled upon a coin that was sitting ever-so comfortably on a bench while on a stroll with Sati. The coin was mysterious, like a token you would be given at Burning Man, something I had not yet discovered and was quite intriguing. I needed to understand what it said as I have this thing for what lies beneath the surface, recognizing omens and synchronicities in the Universe.

I came home to place it under a magnifying glass, as it was quite difficult to read. It read, “Liberte, Egalite, Fratenite”.  I then went to the beloved Google, which directed me to the wise Wikipedia. What I had found and was holding was a 19th century French motto with a twist of weirdness in its shape + size. How did this magical coin appear and why was it presenting itself to me? Well, ya’ll because I had been marinating on the topic of what Freedom is and here it was manifesting itself as a coin.

As my background is deeply rooted in the Vedas I tend to compare much of my life experiences to what I have studied. Liberty can walk hand-in-hand with the Sanskrit word “Ahimsa” which means non-violence and respect for all living things. “Egalite” or equality, is basically Namaste in a nutshell. I see and honor you as my equal. As we are made of the same ingredients of elements, light and energy that has no face, no conditions and is just pure divinity. “Fratenite” to me, presented itself as “Satsanga” which is a Sanskrit word meaning “being in the company of truth”. To “fratenite” is the happy community, devoid of any conflicts and opposed to any form of egotism. How are you “liberte-in’” + eqalite-in’ + fratnite-in” in the World? Or Ahimsain’ + Namasta-in’ + Satsangin’? Are you living in non-violence, equality and in the community?  

On the flip, the back side of the coin was etched a smiling sun. And I saw that it held my soul’s freedom which is running wild through the fields chasing lightning bugs. Having the sunshine on my back. Cruising down country roads with my favorite tunes blasting and my hands out the window, blowing in the wind. It’s being able to wake up and not having to do things, but wanting or even being allowed to do them. Its having my own beliefs and morals and being able to express them. Freedom is the ability for me observe and be in the present moment. It’s not being trapped by the mind + its worries or anxieties. It’s feeling grateful to be in this human suit to explore this beautiful world, full of so much love + joy to exist in. Happy Freedom Day y’all! May we all be happy + free ~ aum lokah samsatah sukhino bhavantu. Jai!

In Love + Light,

Brittany + Sati

backside of the coin

backside of the coin