The Traveling Star

A pay it forward movement promoting kindness + connection + community
— #thetravelingstar
When you are kind to others, it not only changes you, it changes the world.
— Harold Kushner

Has a stranger ever done something for you that made your heart dance and eyes light up? It all started in 2011, when my Ayurvedic school had Spring break and I chose to do karma yoga at the Expanding Light Yogananda Ashram. A lot happened that week for me and one of them was meeting two great souls, who were obtaining their yoga certification whom I instantly gravitated towards. Daniel Levy and Courtney Rae. We began connecting over meals and in-between schedules. One evening, Courtney was wearing this beautifully beaded, blue, black and white square bracelet; something I’d never seen before. She responded that it was Guatemalan and then took it off and handed it to me saying, "it's yours now". To my surprise, I hesitated and responded that I couldn't accept it. She went on to encourage me to take the bracelet assuring me that it was fine, and that she needed to practice non-attachment even more now that she was in yoga school. A few feelings came over me; gratitude, kindness, and love. I was so grateful for this sweet little bracelet. Something so small, now took up a very special place in my heart. And it’s something I’ve never forgotten.

A couple days later, I was wearing a newly thrift-ed grey vest with these neat metal hooks that I had recently picked up in Lake Tahoe. We were all hanging out and Courtney commented that she liked my vest. The tables had turned. Sigh. I really didn’t want to give up my vest as I had only worn it a couple times. But there I was, handing her the vest. And it felt really good. Like too good. The bracelet Courtney gave me is floating somewhere in South Korea as it has since been passed on. Courtney is currently living in Ashland, Oregon. Daniel is in Hawaii and has created a scared geometry community with his company Humandalas and Village IO which creates its own currency backed by you and your community --a pay if forward service in itself! 

There have been other instances when I have decided to pay it forward. One day, my mother and I were Christmas shopping in Roanoke and a lady commented on my scarf. Not just once, she went on and on and then I unwrapped it from around my neck and gave it to her. My mother was in shock too. It’s fascinating to see the facial expressions people make when being surprised by kindness. You make someone’s day and you also end up feeling just as good, if not better, and certainly lighter and empowered.  

The idea of the traveling star came back full circle while I was traveling in Guatemala. We had just checked into the Casa Del Mundo and I ran into a lady who commented on my signature necklace. Instantly, I knew what I needed to do. The next morning, I gifted her the necklace.

Thus, the traveling star was born. The idea is to promote kindness, community, connection, acceptance, love, empowerment, inspiration, non-attachment and gratitude. I trust that these creations of mine will end up in the right hands with the intention to lift and inspire others. There’s nothing else I wish more than to share in the connection that we are each other’s stars! 

How it works: 

I passed on a sterling silver signature star necklace to a yoga teacher here in Charleston, SC on the Full Moon of September 2018, tagged #1. Jenny is such a fun soul and that day I just felt she need a lift! Was it a coincidence that she wears a necklace that reads “Love Forward”?! She will be rocking the necklace for as long as she wishes (preferably, she will wear it for a full lunar month and pass it on the following full moon). The necklace is meant to move onto whomever inspires, teaches, shows you kindness or makes you feel like the star that you are! I trust you to use your intuition and make someone's day. The only obligation of receiving the necklace is to stay in communication with me so we can follow it's path and see who it brings together. I will be blogging + posting about each person's story. Let's be each other's stars!

          Blessings of Love + Light,

                        Brittany Maxey